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A clinical child psychologist, Dr Kerby T Alvy is the founder and director of the 43 year old Center for the Improvement of Child Caring in California, through which he has created parenting programs and projects that have already helped over a million parents nationwide to be more sensitive and effective in raising children. He is a prolific author of books on parenting, parent education and child abuse prevention. His articles have appeared in such publications as USA Today, the Los Angeles Times and the American Psychologist. He is a passionate advocate for the rights of children and parents. He has received many awards for his and the Center’s programs, including being honored at the White House for enhancing the status and competence of parents. He is a proud father of two adult children who also work professionally to improve the personal lives of others.

Other books by Dr Kerby T Alvy

Guidebooks for Parents
The Positive Parent: Raising Healthy, Happy and Successful Children, Birth-Adolescence
The New Power of Positive Parenting: 16 Guidelines for Raising Healthy and Confident Children
The Power of Positive Parenting: 11 Guidelines for Raising Healthy and Confident Children
Parent Education Programs
The New Confident Parenting Program
(With Dr Camilla Clarke)
Parent Handbook
The Effective Black Parenting Program
(With Marilyn Marigna)
Parent Handbook
Instructor Manual
The Soulful Parent: Raising Happy, Healthy and Successful African American Children
(with Harris, Bell and Liggins)
Black Parenting: Strategies for Training
The Los Niños Bien Educados Program
(With Dr Lupita Montoya Tannatt)
Parent Handbook
Instructor Manual

Related Books
Putting Effective Parenting First
(In Press)
The CICC Discovery Tool
(With the CICC Staff)
Bringing Parenting Education into the Early Childhood Care and Education System
(With the CICC Staff)


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